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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

November 17th - 21th (50 hours)

Yin Yoga is a practice based in Taoist Philosophy and Chinese Medicine. The postures are done on the ground and with long permanence. The main focus of this practice is the Connective Tissues of the body (fascia, joint, tendon, ligaments). Yin Yoga is ideal to improve flexiblity and , threfore, for beginners. The slow practice creates physical and mental balance.

This training is for teachers, and regular yoga practitioners with a desire to deepen and refresh their practice. They will learn the Philosophy and Theories that back Taoist Yoga, (Yin Yang, and Chinese Medicine). Also, there is a big emphasis in anatomy applied to Yoga. In this regard we recognise that each individual has specif and unique anatomical structure, and we learn to adjust postures to help the students improve, and advance in their practice.

The training will be guided by MARIA ABAD, ERYT500 and YACEP (Yoga Alliance). She shares with us more than 25 years on the mat. During the last 12 years Maria has focuses in learning and sharing Taoist Yoga, she has trainned studends in Yin and Yang Yoga. She is also registered with the Yin Yang Yoga Institute as an YYYT. Adittionaly she complements her teachings, as a Thai Massage Therapist (Trained in Thailand)

Price: $ 9800 mxn