Paraiso Yoga | We bring the class to you in Sayulita, Mexico.


At Paraiso Yoga, we pride ourselves on having well trained and excellent teachers to make sure our students get the most advanced, and safe class experience, whether you are advanced in your practice or just starting out. Here is our amazing team:

NARAYANI – Founder & Owner of Paraiso Yoga. (ERYT)

For over 20 years Yoga has been my focus and my passion. Teaching and sharing yoga is the joyous and natural extension of this, my lifestyle. My ongoing vision has been to find and create a space that holds and breathes life into this creation.

In 2006 my travels brought me to Sayulita in Mexico and I knew I’d found the area where the seeds of my vision could take root. In 2009 I opened Paraiso Yoga, and over the years we have become the vision: a place of nurturing where one can come practice and study yoga, tai chi, and meditation among other healing arts; and flower into one’s full potential. Now, we are taking this to you

My name is Narayani and I am truly honored to share this gift with you


Acharya Satyamitra’nanda, Dada (ERYT 200)- Teacher

I have been a yoga and meditation teacher since 1997. I underwent four years’ intensive training from 1997 – 2001 specializing in Raja Yoga, Rajadhiraja Yoga and Tantra, and graduated as Yoga Acharya in 2001. From 2001 – 2015 I was in-charge of ‘Ananda Marga Yoga Society of Singapore’ where I built up several yoga studios and initiated various social service projects. From 2015 – 2016 I was in-charge of ‘Yoga in Manila’ in the Philippines. In 2007 I founded the ‘Ánanda Márga Yoga Academy’ in Singapore where I was the school principal and main lecturer until 2016.  have annually conducted ‘Yoga Educators Conferences’ in Europe and Asia, and I am currently conducting advanced yoga and meditation training programs globally.

Paul - Teacher

My personal yogic practices have led me to a traditional Hatha practice. It’s become a slow, mindful and meditative practice. This beautiful practice has brought me out of a space of fear and anxiety and into a space of understanding, acceptance and love. It’s an ongoing journey that will now be my life’s(personal)work and journey to share the power of this conscious medicine that we lovingly call life. Working with my own body slowly over these last 7 years I’ve been able to see how my body and mind are so closely interrelated that there’s no distinct separation between the two. I feel very blessed to be able to share these ancient practices, continue to practice and continue to
learn and share as I go.

Val - Teacher

Traditional classes with smooth and conscious rhythms. Always remembering the importance of full attention that is directed to the body, movement and breathing, connecting with the joy that practice generates. Beyond the physical benefits, train the mind in concentration. Val enjoys sharing a practice that targets a certain part of the body or chakra. Also aligning with the lunar energy of the present moment. Through meditative practice, silently reaching the depths of 'being' through feeling the fibers of the body, and then transcending into more subtle layers. The power of yoga has brought her healing - sharing this become her service.

Itxaso - Teacher

Yoga from the heart. Connect with your vital energy and make your body and mind more flexible through a complete yoga practice that includes asanas, pranayamas, mudras, deep relaxation... You can choose between different styles according to your intention: Traditional Hatha (connect and feel your energy through your body while you get to know and improve your postures), Vinyasa (a deep connection between breath and movements, let yourself flow), Yoga Nidra (learn to relax deeply through this technique consciousness rotation and eliminates obsolete impressions from your subconscious), Prenatal or Postpartum (prepare to receive your baby on a physical, energetic and mental level; recover from postpartum, pelvic floor work...) More than 6 years of experience teaching and 450 hours of guaranteed studies.

Lis - Teacher

Vinyasa means "synchronized breathing movement," and during my class we will do a series of postures that will move through the power of inhalation and exhalation. connecting the mind and body. We will use Ujjayi breathing, sound or victorious breathing, provides internal heat, physically, sweat expels toxins and gives energy to the body. Mentally, synchronized breathing relaxes the mind and helps release any energy flow blockages in the body. As a yoga teacher, I like to challenge my students at their own level with attentive supervision to help them perform postures that they did not think they were capable of achieving; strengthening the confidence in oneself and entering through practice every day on a path of new challenges self knowledge and peace. I love teaching Vinyasa and Hatha classes for all levels of points of view.